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Game News

We are Wreckless!!! 

We are an alliance on server 103 in the game Haypi Kingdom. 

Our rank fluctuates but we are regularly in the top 20 alliances.  We don't really care about rank because we can take on anyone.  If anyone bothers us, we make them pay!

We do have several rules all Wreckless members must follow:

1.  Stay active in Alliance Chat.  We get rid of inactive players unless they have talked to one of the leaders first. 

2. No other alliances are our allies or subs.

3.  New Members:  We only accept new members by agreement of at least three leaders.  No new members during wartime.

4.  Leaving the alliance:  Tell a leader why if you need to leave the alliance for some reason.  If you leave without reason, you will never be allowed back in and might be farmed.

5.  Troops left out overnight are fair game.  So, don't leave your troops out overnight.  Someone is going to take the free prestige.  If you do, and you get hit, we will not retaliate as an alliance.  It was your mistake.  Having said that, if you find that someone has left their troops out, take them for all they are worth!

6.  Alliance maps are forbidden for everyone besides leaders.  If you make one we boot you and farm you.  Simply put, don't make them.

7. Get wreckless or get out!  Armies are made to be used!

8. Respect is earned, not given!

9.  Most Important Rule:  Have Fun!

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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

pahel, Apr 16, 11 8:16 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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We do not recruit. New members only admitted by agreement of at least three leaders.
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